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Candida Tocci B.A.,PMP President and Founder

My passion is to connect with people to make our world a better place. I love working in the past, present and future scenarios to learn from our past, embrace our present and forge ahead to our future. We can help to support each other’s journeys and ensure we each keep to our unique truth through a culture of respect and kindness. WomenIN is my dream. A dream to have a community that builds strong resilient humans. That we support, empower, and lift each other up during everyday challenges and struggles. That we have the in understanding when things happen to us that shouldn’t, we know how to take care of our whole self – mind, body, and soul…together. It does take a village and together we can get through the dark times and our amazing moments in our lives.

Wendy Fortna B Business Administration, MBA, PMP, Scrum Master Level 1 VP Sponsorship and Marketing

I am passionate about creating a community of women who support each other instead judging and competing with one another. I wanted to do so for awhile now and when I spoke with Candida about WomenIN I knew it I would be a perfect fit. As a working Mom in today's world, I see the struggles we face throughout our career. Whether it’s trying to climb the corporate ladder, re-entering the workforce after a leave, or simply not taking a leave when "that's what women/Moms are supposed to do." I feel we are judged if we choose not to have children and, at the same time judged as putting our family before our career. We are taught that in today's world we can have both, a growing career, and a family life; however, it is exceedingly difficult to do if we do not have the proper support. When I say "support" I do not necessarily mean only our employer or partner. I am referring to the entire community we have.

Jody Ireland Adult Educator VP Membership

Adult Educator for 3 Decades My purpose from a young age has always been to share knowledge. If someone needs to know something to make their personal life, friendships, or work life better, I take joy in helping them figure it out. Today I’m an Educator in the Healthcare sector at Carewest Health. During this pandemic, I found I had to change quickly in multiple directions with little or no notice. Changing my entire way of working was easier than I had imagined though. Why? Teamwork. Women helping women making positive changes quickly. I’m proud to say we did an amazing job of keeping both our staff and clients safe while moving our education platform online into the 21st century! That brings me to joining WomenIN. As the VP of Membership, I’d like to invite all women to join this organization that only has your best interests in mind. You tell us what you would like to learn, share, discuss and we will do our best to bring it to you. Let’s start today and lift each other up to be the best we can be!

Katelyn Bullock P.ENG Co-Founder VP Relationship Management

I am passionate about unlocking potential and joy in my family, friends, and network.  My purpose in life is to eliminate hate.  I help bring more kindness into this world through my company ENTA where we animate business culture and through WomenIN where we uplift women and help them grow and succeed in all aspects of their lives.  I often felt as though I could only be one thing or show up wearing only one hat.  WomenIN is the group that allows me to show up as my whole self and be unapologetically me!  I love this network of strong women who believe that we can make an equal opportunity future for all through growing ourselves and supporting each other.  So, we can say and truly believe that “I am enough”.

Sharda Sukheo Hnrs BA Commerce, VP Finance

I am pursuing my passion of engaging in more impactful work, particularly to address equity, poverty, and food scarcity. Currently I’m pivoting my career into stakeholder consultations around Environmental, Social Governance (ESG), while learning all I can about sustainable development. Recently I earned a Certificate in Corporate Sustainability Yale School of Management; and am working towards a Masters Certificate in Sustainable Development from the University of Michigan. It has been a natural transition allowing me to incorporate my diverse background in HR, IT, Finance and Risk and Audit Management. On the more personal side, I’m married with two teenage boys, and have most recently obtained a class 2 license to temporarily assist with the school bus driver shortages. I now drive my kid's friends - in a much larger vehicle!   WomenIN's mission aligns with my values; recognizing the importance of supporting women in defining their futures – I am honoured to be able to bring my diverse experiences to collaborate, connect with, and encourage our sisters to do just that!

Sherry Pratt BSc Computer Science, VP Programs

National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach I spent the first 25 years of my work life in IT climbing the corporate ladder, starting out as a programmer/analyst then moving on to project and program management before stepping into management and executive positions. I have worked in the private and public sectors as both an employee and a consultant. In 2018 I discovered coaching and have been beholden ever since. I left my successful and accomplished corporate career in 2020 to pursue a second career as a coach and entrepreneur. In addition to holding a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Manitoba, I am a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach and in the process of obtaining the International Coaching Federation Associate Certified Coach credential.

Ines Quandel Hnrs BA German & Applied Studies, MBA VP Communications

I am a lifelong learner who has so far dabbled in document management, contract administration, risk management and social media marketing. My passion involves being organized, setting schedules, doing research, writing, and supporting my colleagues in any way I can. Basically, I enjoy creating order from the chaos that is day to day operations. I’m also an avid bookworm, amateur photographer, and fair-weather skier. WomenIN is important to me because I believe that we make the world a better place when everyone is allowed to contribute based on their skills and abilities, without bias or prejudice.

Marsha Connor MBA, VP Operations

I am an Engineering Program Manager at Cisco and have been with Cisco for over 20 years. I have been managing projects and programs my whole career and have also been VP Marketing for the two software companies – one in Denmark and one in Canada.. I live in Calgary now, but have lived and worked in Toronto and London, UK. I have two MBAs - one done in England; one in France. WomenIN is important to me as I have always managed, promoted, and coached women on my team, in my life, and around the globe.

Karim Kassam Finance Director

Finance Director With more than a decade of experience in leadership, I have developed a reputation as a professional and respectful leader who excels at building efficient, innovative, and inclusive teams. My expertise in enterprise resource planning (ERP) includes hands-on experience as a project manager in PeopleSoft, JDE, SAP, and Business Objects. As a volunteer coach at Calgary Youth Justice, I have honed a strength-based approach to mentoring that, empowers individuals to reach their full potential. At the heart of my philosophy, is the conviction that collaboration is essential. By fostering an inclusive environment, we can create opportunities for everyone, especially women, to innovate, grow, and adapt to change with resilience. That is why I joined WomenIn, an inspiring community that promotes inclusivity and equal opportunity for all.

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